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Criminal Defense


Our attorneys specialize in defending all types of criminal matters, from simple assaults and drug charges to more serious charges including possession of weapons, robbery and even homicide in both the Federal and State Courts in New York and New Jersey. Although we prepare every case as if it will culminate in a trial, the firm, in numerous instances has been successful in resolving cases without criminal indictment or trial.


We will assist you from the moment of arrest, to the jury verdict and beyond, if necessary. It is our responsibility to make sure that you know your rights, prepare your defense and assist you in making important decisions about your case. The amount of the attorney fee is determined by the type of case; therefore, you should contact Mr. Borgen as soon as possible to discuss your case.


If You Are Arrested Or Charged With A Crime, you have constitutionally guaranteed rights. Do not discuss your case with anyone. Anything you say can, and in most cases will, be used against you. If you are questioned by the police, you should provide them with your name and address but it is advisable, in most situations, not to answer any further questions pertaining to any allegations or incidents until you have consulted with an attorney. YOU HAVE AN ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO SPEAK WITH AN ATTORNEY and you should exercise that right. As soon as you advise the arresting police officer that you wish to speak with your attorney, he/she is not allowed to question you any further. You must be allowed to call your attorney and obtain his/her advice and counsel with regard to how to handle the circumstances involving your arrest.

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