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Expungements of Criminal Arrests and Convictions


An Expungement of an arrest or criminal conviction is a process through which the legal record of a criminal arrest and/or conviction is "sealed," or erased, in the eyes of the law, after the passage of a certain amount of time or the fulfillment of certain obligations. After an Expungement is granted, a criminal conviction and/or an arrest, ordinarily need not be disclosed by the person convicted, and no arrest or conviction shows up if a potential employer, educational institution, or governmental agency conducts a background search of an individual's public records. However, in some legal proceedings, such as during sentencing for any future crimes, an Expunged conviction may be considered as proof of a "prior conviction."


Expungement is a valuable remedy to relieve the limitations of individual rights and future opportunities that often accompany the existence of criminal records. By Expunging such records, you are legally allowed to act as if such records don't exist, and others may be penalized for unauthorized disclosure of Expunged information.


The laws pertaining to Expungement of arrests and convictions vary from state to state and not all convictions may be expunged so, if you are interested in obtaining an Expungement, you should speak with an experienced attorney about your eligibility for an Expungement, and the procedures followed by the Courts.

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