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Work-Related Injuries


Our attorneys represent people who are injured in the course of their employment, whether it be an accident or an injury/illness that develops over time (referred to as an Occupational Injury). If you are injured on the job, you may be entitled to temporary disability benefits as well as medical treatment. After you are determined to have achieved Maximum Medical Improvement, a determination will be made whether you suffered a permanent disability. If it is determined that you suffered a permanent disability attributable to your work, a percentage of disability is typically assigned to your injury/illness. This percentage of disability then translates into a monetary award pursuant to a formula established by the State Legislature.


Everyone who is injured on the job should know how the Workers' Compensation laws protect them. Neither lawsuits nor court proceedings are utilized for Workers' Compensation claims. No one has to prove that an employer was negligent or at fault, only that the injury occurred while the worker was on the job.


Under the New Jersey Workers' Compensation Act, an injured employee in most instances cannot seek additional recovery from an employer beyond what is provided for under the workers' compensation laws. An injured employee, however, is not barred from bringing a civil action for recovery against others who may be responsible for the injury. These claims are referred to as "third party claims." Third party claims may be an important part of your case as they may provide more substantial compensation for your injuries.


New Jersey law prohibits employers from retaliating against employees for asserting rights to compensation for work-related injuries.


Our attorneys provide experiences, knowledgeable and aggressive legal counsel in pursuit of a just and equitable award of compensation.

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